OCZ Agility3 how to tell full speed?

I get 7.5 score under windows7 is that an indicator that I'm getting full speed out of my SSD drive? It is connected to sataIII. Thx
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  1. i get 7.1 with my raid 0 mechanical drives so yea you're good
  2. I get a 7.2 on windows score
  3. Run a benchmark program, like ATTO.

    But don't run it too much, and don't dwell on the numbers.

    Did you do the SSD tweaks? But you don't need to do them all. Modern SSDs are much better than those that were out when this article was written.

    Check these ones out: The SSD Review, OCZ SSD Tips and Tweaks
  4. Got 7.9 on my score after all the tweaks before it was 5.9. Boots up in 15 seconds even with programs at start up an a completed modded windows theme.
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