Windows 8 not stable flashes blinks on and off

Difficult to even write because when it flashes it takes no input. It seems to shut down for a mili-second or so.
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  1. is this on a new system or an old one ? i am on windows 8 64 bit with no problems, as you have described
  2. I just upgraded to Windows 8 64bit two days ago, I've had MANY issues from the PC not completely shutting down (fans and lights stay on, all other hardware shuts off). I also had the same issue you are having, everything was taken care of by Microsoft, I still fall under my warranty period so they didn't charge me for customer service. Make sure you have automatic updates turned on, for me updating was a major issue because until the tech took control of my pc and changed some things I couldnt get it to download or install any updates.

    Hope this helps alittle.
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