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hi, ive recently been looking to upgrade my motherboard and CPU from Intel to AMD, Intel is amazing dont get me wrong, but i think just for the price, AMD is the way to stick.

Anyway, currently i have 8gb of OCZ DDR2 800 Memory, and i really didnt want to get to memory to try and save some money, and i found an MSI board that seems to be compatible with everything except possibly the CPU.

Motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130266

CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103727

with the CPU i would be willing to go down a step or 2 to like the 3.2 or the 3.0, but the 3.4 is the one i would prefer.

Just want to make sure the CPU is compatible before i go ahead and buy it all.

Thanks Much
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  1. That board will run both, the CPU & RAM with no issues. You're good to go.
  2. Yes, Ksam is correct. the Mobo will do the job just fine.
  3. thanks very much guys, ive never doubted myself before, but just seemed almost a little to good to be true, good price on the board, fit everything i had perfectly, just wanted to double check.

    Much Appreciated guys. THANK YOU!
  4. B4 going crazy, verify that CPU at AMD, it is a known fact if you want to run the 955 or 965 you need DDR2-1066 to run them efficiently. You can run these CPU's on DDR2-800 but don't try and overclock at all, won't work. I was given this info directly by AMD that you may run the CPU with DDR2-800 but don't overclock. That is why they tell you to use DDR3-1333 or higher with these CPU's. Now a lot of people may say otherwise, but do they have 20 years experience buildling PC's? Do they have there MCSE certification? Are they Network+ and A+ certified? Are they CCNA certified? I tell you now that I am all of these and I build at least 3 PC's a day. I also build gaming PC's and I take every precaution B4 doing anything. send an email to AMD to be safe, but don't O/C with that memory because it may not work (may work but no stability and may not be able to run any games O/C'd)
  5. rattman, you are very incorrect.

    I don't care about your 'qualifications', look at my system specs. I have an AM3 chip, with DDR2 ram (800) and everything in my system is overclocked.

    be careful of spreading false information. It can cost people money.

    building lots of PC's obviously doesn't make you an expert.
  6. no but watching them crash and burn is, LOL. Well I didn't say it wasn't going to work, just better to use what is recommended by the manufacturer. What you say is don't believe manufacturer. When your memory or CPU go belly up, you will be the first to complain. Why, not following MANUFACTURER recommendations. I personally don't care and have done 1000's of system with what people want. Just saying that the ones that don't follow what manufacturer says and when they have problems they say why? I actually have a TECH whom sent an email to intel saying he was having an issue with his PC and memory, they ask what he had and they said it should run but "not" recommended by them, he ran this setup ( I think it was because the memory was packaged as "best for gaming" but speed wasn't sufficient) Long story short, RAM failed after 5 months, need new memory. I am not saying it won't work, as stated, but if Manufacturer says it won't be sufficient, then why use it. that's all. As the saying goes, better safe then sorry. PS I am running 2 different AM3 CPU's, My system is using DDR3 and my wife is using DDR2-800 and both work fine, but she now gets odd freezing issues. Systems are almost identical except Mobo. Hers was first built and when I built mine I decided to go DDR3, not one little issue on my PC. Mine is the heavy gaming system, my wife is for home office work (documents, emails, Facebook) No Virii/Spyware so don't worry about that, andhas OS reinstalled 2 times in a year, I may reinstall it once every 3-4 years that's how well they are maintained. Again sorry to make anyone feel like I am a dictator, just I work for LARGE pc firm (IBM) and have experience with these issues. Again the issue may never come up, then again..... but hey don't go buy memory if you have 8Gb, I am just saying be precautious. Not fun when spending money and something doesn't work well. have fun with the PC though, should run nice with that amount of RAM. Peace out V. LOL
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