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Hi. I have a stupid question for you but it's true that I don't know the answer.
My motherboard only have PCI-E 4x and I want to buy a new graphic card.
I want to know if a PCI-E 2.0 or a PCI-E 16x fits and WORKS in a PCI-E 4x expansion slot.
Is that possible? Any idea of what graphic card I sould buy?
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  1. yes it will work but there will be a big bottleneck

    what game are u playing and at what res? and how big is ur monitor? and ur budget
  2. So you have a PCI-E 1.0 x4?

    Most any card will be bottlenecked by the the low amount of lanes. If I were you, the MOST I'd ever put in that is an HD4670.
  3. Hi.
    My pc is quite a bit old but it has a PCI-e 4x slot and a AGP 8x slot.
    Do you think I should buy a PCI-e 4x graphics card or a APG 8x one?
    Which one is the best option? And what graphics card do you recommend?
  4. PCI-Express by far. Not to mention every AGP card is $40 more than its PCI-Express cuonterpart.
  5. Thanks for your information.
    To answer. My monitor is a LCD 19'. I can play CoD4 well; Fallout3 at minimum.
    I'm thinking to spend about 200€
    And it's a PCI-E (4x mode)
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129152

    this is the best without a bottleneck it runs at x1



    with a slight bottlenck this runs at x16
  7. About 200?

    Get a new motherboard and an HD5770.
  8. Thanks again.
  9. My motherboard is a asrock 775 DUAL-VSTA.
    Which garphics card do you recommend?
    I can pay up to 200€
  10. What resolution is your monitor?
    The x4 is going to limit the more powerful cards.
  11. Performance wise the AGP slot would be faster but PCI express cards are cheaper.
  12. See your other thread.
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    PCI-E 4x slot vs AGP 8x slot
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