Why does one worker fail and the others still go prime 95

Prime95 One core failed,
so i've been running prime on my oc thats at 4.4ghz @ 1.275v(i5 3570k) and well after about an hour core one fails so I think that there is not enough volts so i up it to 1.29 run prime again 2 hours and 13 minutes in, core one fails again, i'm scared to up the volts again as I don't think my hyper212+ will handle it, but as of now i'm averaging about 68-71 degrees Celsius, oh and when I check my bios the volts are set at 1.29 but on cpu z the volts are at 1.272 so ya I dont know what I should do is my oc ok or is it unstable
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  1. If a core fails it is still considered unstable, more voltage should be the answer so long as you have temperature headroom. Otherwise just lower the cpu clock a little bit and re-test.
  2. Thanks man, I'll see if that works
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