Asus A8V-E DELUXE sound card and memory questions!

Hello I have several questions that I hope someone could answer for me. First if I posted this message in the wrong thread my appologies to all who are concerned!

My first question is I have a motherboard that is from Asus it is a8v-e deluxe with AMD Athlon 64 processor. Can I purchase a seperate sound card for this board. Not the sound card that is intergrated into the motherboard.

Will I be able to install it on this board and if this is possible could I get any suggestions on what particular brand and make would be compatable and great with sound!

My next question is memory sticks (ram) I was told that I have 2/512 megs sticks of ram that ddr2 I ask if I could install ddr3 which have more cache and simply told me you cant do that is this true I need to know to make sure I get the right sticks for this motherboard I want to increase its memory!
Sincerely Gojiman :sol:

Thank you to whom ever tolls this bell!
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  1. Any PCI soundcard will work on the board. DDR3 is not compatible, DDR is required (the current RAM is DDR, not DDR2). Use these RAM configurators and check for tested guaranteed to work DDR for the A8V-E Deluxe.
  2. Badge thank you for responding to my message. I did not realize the ram in my system was ddr, but thanks on that. Thank you for the sound card advice that will definitely help, and the links were awesome!
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