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Ok, just installed windows 7 on new PC.
A friend gave me a enterprise edition windows 7. I finaly installed it (I had to intall xp SP2 first coz it had no boot ability on the burnt disc he gave me...). It looks good, but it shows up as windows 32 bit, maybe he gae me the wrong one, but it also does the 'you have 4gb of ram but only can use 3.2gb' thing. Why me!!!! also the screen reseloution doesnt fill the whole screen.

Oh well - any ideas?
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  1. 32bit OS's can only do 3GB of RAM, you need to get an x64 OS to get upto 16GB of ram going on.
  2. Two Things...
    1) Your windows is a legal copy... Right!!! Also, it is a LEGAL copy of a 32-bit system not 64-bit. Otherwise, this post fails to meet the requirements of Tom's Rules of Conduct and could be subject to closure by the Moderators.

    2) You right mouse click on your desktop and open up your GPU's control panel and set the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor (ex; 1920x1080 monitor resolution has the native resolution of 1920x1080). This will adjust your screen to fit the monitor. Windows defaults to 800x600 or something on installs.
  3. Yeah bootleg copy so don't except any help. Also resolution problems on a pirated OS?... again find your own help.
  4. It is legal, after all its a genuine code that makes it legal to use, and that is what he has given me.

  5. still having problems?
  6. dickcruz said:
    still having problems?

    Yea, I have just decided to buy windows 7 now. It was not installing in 64 bit which was really annoying.
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