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I5 3570k

I have overclocked my 3570k but my issue is that i am using a asrock z68 pro3 gen3 motherboard and i dont seem to have Load line calibration, nor do i have manual voltage control. What i have done is simply set the multiplier to 44 and set offset voltage control to +100. I have a stable overclock but its hitting 1.35v under load. Is the way i have overclocked the cpu fine? Is the max voltage ok? I have left all c states on and speedstep on so its not a constant 1.35v.
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  1. no one here know about overclocking?
  2. cheers guys.
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    Hey man, Sometimes you gotta wait a couple days. I've had that problem too. 1.35 volts seems a little too high for 4.4 Ghz. I would try around 1.300 volts. On my chip I can run 4.5Ghz at 1.300 V core so that should be good for 4.4Ghz on your chip. So try that. Also don't be afraid to push these things. You can easily get 4.5Ghz.

    But yeah, sometimes no one on this site can answer a simple question. I try to answer whenever I can. So I hope this little info helps you out.
  4. dont bump threads, i leaned my lesson the hard way, moderator deleted the thread :(
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