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New PC is too noisy

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May 30, 2010 9:56:36 AM

Hi everyone. I made a post whilst registering and I've been unable to locate it so I've decided to create a thread here if that's ok with everyone.

I bought a new PC last week and I've been having noise problems with it. My PC is:

M/B: MSI GF615M-P33
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965
RAM DD3 Corsair (2X2G)
PSU: Coolermaster Silent Pro 700
HD: WD SATA II 500gb 15mb caviar blue

The PC is just too noisy compared to my old one. According to BIOS the CPU temp is around 27-29 and after about an hour or two of running a game it will sit around 40-42degrees.

I didn't mention the GPU because I first attributed the horrible noise to my Asus EN9800GTX card. This card was fine with my old PC and I never had a noise issue with my old PC. I took the card out and I've now placed my other spare, the Asus EN8600GTS which is supposed to have a good silent feature on it.

So I'm stuck with trying to find out what is causing the noise. The motherboard has an onboard GPU and when I first started the PC was quiet. Because it's not good enough for games I had put my 9800GTX. That's when the noise started kicking in when running a game. Since then I've been swapping cards and running with/without GPU cards and looking closely into my open PC I'm almost sure that it must be the CPU generic heatsink/fan.

Anyone got any ideas because I'm not entirely sure.

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May 30, 2010 10:41:45 AM

If your cpu heatsink is 4 pin, check the bios for the smartfan feature and calibrate it. I then set mine to manual or quiet and lower the trigger temps even more. My cpu fan runs at around 1200 rpm and 46c, which is cool enough for me. The power supply is tougher to regulate. I use an ocz with 135mm fan, and it's barely audible.
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May 30, 2010 12:09:55 PM

Use a cardboard tube (from a paper towel roll) in an attempt to isolate where the noise is coming from. If it's your heatsink fan then replace it with a quiet aftermarket HSF. Make sure it's not a case fan, PSU fan or the GPU fan. or as O1die suggests use some tuning adjustments to run the fans slower to be quiet.
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May 30, 2010 3:07:25 PM

Dude, try checking out your hard-drive. I also have WD 500 GB Caviar Blue and it is the loudest component of my PC. I makes a constant buzzing noise. I also blamed it on my CPU and GPU, but it turned out to be that sucker.

Also, check your case fans, they can be pretty loud too. General protocol for finding noise is usually turning off the fans after each other and listening carefully to whether the noise disappeared. You can tune your GPU fans with MSI Afterburner. Try looking for some programs to tune CPU fan and turning the fan off for a moment (it won't do much harm if you turn off the CPU fan for couple seconds, just put the fan on max, wait few minutes until the CPU temperature gets to a minimum and turn the fan off, you will have a bit time to check for the noise.) Just monitor your temperature, you don't want to burn CPU. Or, a more barbaric way, just push on the center (axis) of the fan slightly with your finger until it stops and listen. Just don't stick anything between the blades!

But again, check your HD.
May 30, 2010 5:58:51 PM

Thank you for the replies.

I'm not too tech savvy but I chose the barbaric method of pressing on the center of the fan for a split second (just a slight slow down) and it's definitely the CPU fan.
I'll have a look at BIOS to see if I can calibrate it. I didn't mention that I had installed something from Nvidia which adds features to the Nvidia Control Panel, but I'm a little hesitant to touch anything here.

I'm guessing that a good solution might be to buy a quality brand cpu fan maybe.
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May 30, 2010 9:17:34 PM

Well your noise originates from a moving part...IE, your hard drive or fans. Your new computer might have different settings in its BIOS for the fans. You can control fan speeds usually from BIOS, or from third party applications such as SpeedFan/Rivatuner. In addition, check your hard drive, they can get obnoxiously loud.
May 31, 2010 6:47:11 AM

Looking again at my BIOS health status, I noticed the CPU fan speed was recording 6607-6666 RPM. It was jumping between these 2 figures. The SYS FAN speed was sitting around 1200RPM. I don't think this m/board has any calibration features. AMD Cool and Quiet was set to (auto).

Oddly enough, I went into 'Green Power' and saw CPU PHASE CONTROL set to (disabled) with a description as follows:

"Note: IF set this item enable, AMD Cool and Quite was be force enable." :lol: 

May 31, 2010 7:47:42 AM

I have a MSI NF750-g55 mb and saw the same message in the bios....made me laugh. Those settings make no difference. The stock CPU fan will still be at 100%. Get the cpu fan I posted above. It's a 120mm fan and it's pretty damn quiet. Keeps my Phenom II 965 at 40/41C at idle...but I do live in So Cal and this hot weather is not helping.
May 31, 2010 8:13:18 AM

From what I've heard (and from my experience owning a 955), x4 stock AMD coolers run really loud. I can't take the sound and so bought an aftermarket cooler at the same time as I got the CPU. I'm now using an arctic cooling CPU cooler - they're relatively cheap and are made to be quiet. Note they're not that good for overclocking though.