Overclocking FX8150 to 4.4 and how?

Now, I want to overclock my FX8150 to 4.4GHz. First question: Is it safe to overclock that high with a Arctic Freezer 13 Pro?
Then the remaining question is how I exactly do it...I haven't found any particularly specific threads concerning the 8150 and asus mobo.

CPU - FX8150
Cooler - Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro
Mobo - Asus A99X evo2.0
Case - Thermaltake Black Chase Mk 1
PSU - XFX 850W XXX Edition
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  1. Well all of the FX cpus are going to overclock similarly, there are some good and bad threads out there that you can follow. Essentially you will be tampering with the clock multiplier for your Northbridge, CPU, HT link, also you will have to adjust voltage, RAM timings and RAM speed possibly as well, it can get very complicated.

    I just overclocked my FX-8350 to 4.8ghz and it took me days and alot of effort to get it stable, make sure you can run a stable Prime95 stress test for 4-24hours (24 recommended).

    Make sure you do your homework, you can destroy your hardware tampering with bios voltage settings, goodluck!
  2. http://www.overclock.net/t/1140459/bulldozer-overclocking-guide-performance-scaling-charts-max-ocs-ln2-results-coming

    Check out that article, it's pretty damn good, read and re-read and come back to Tom's with your questions :) So many awesome people here, I have pretty much learned to build and overclock through Tom's.
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