5970 quadfire

if I added another 5970 to my system to get quadfire, I would not be able to use enefinity?
is that the case or is that a driver limitation?

I was going to get another 5970 and use quadfire but may not if I cant use eyefinity
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  1. Doesn't CrossFireX only support 4 GPUs at the most? In which case, the highest amount of 5970's you could have would be 2, and so getting another one would be completely worthless.
  2. I have 2 5970's...well one is just sitting on my shelf atm. Problem is the heat in card 1. The second card blocks the fan in card 1 and under load it will reach its cut out at 100c and underclock itself. I've yet to play a game that needs two...or even utilises 2...$1000aus wasted lol
  3. Maybe run Crysis with the maxed-out settings mod (not like Options-System Settings, I mean actually editing the settings through the command-line).

    Anyways, with 2 5970's you're already running quad-fire since the 5970 consists of a 5870 and a 5850 GPU, or so I'm told.
  4. pretty sure its 5870x2...could be wrong. And yeah...crysis at max...woo hoo. It looked half decent, but even the new AVP with dx11 and a single card looks better in my opinion
  5. http://www.crymod.com/thread.php?threadid=57864


    Actually, it looks like two 5850's according to the 2x2.15 billion transistor count shown there. The 5850 was 2.15 billion, wasn't it? The 5830 was 2.15 billion if I remember correctly.
  6. 5870 also has 2.15 billion 40nm transistors. It's just the cypress gpu. Anyway, the only thing that makes it similar to the 5850 is the clock speeds.

    As you can see, apart from the clockspeed, all the specs are just double that of a 5870. For the gpu anyway. It's a hybrid card really..bit of everything

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