CPU keeps hitting 100

Yesterday morning my CPU was running smoothly not even hitting 10 on both cores.
I saw so much dust and dirt on the case and fans so I decided to clean all fans.

Once I turned PC on later that day, every time I do something or go on a game it seems to lagg and hit 100 on both cores.

Any ideas why
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  1. Check if the CPU fan is running. If it is not - obvious problem. If it is, we need more info.

    How did you clean the fans? Did you in any stage take the CPU fan off?
  2. The CPU fan is running.

    Yeah, I did take the CPU fan off whilst cleaning. I cleaned it using cloth and compressed air can.
  3. If you took the heat sink off during your cleaning you need to install fresh thermal paste.
  4. Thermal paste doesnt make a large difference, Not something that would cause massive overheating. Get a Temp monitoring program.

    Also remove the cpu heatsink again and replace it (to make sure its on properly)
  5. Not using thermal paste will most certainly cause massive overheating. What are you talking about?
  6. I've now took the heat sink off, applied new thermal paste and put the heat sink back on, now I think its working fine :)
  7. Lindley010 what are you talking about? No offense but you're advice will destroy alot of procs.

    Always make sure you put new thermal paste.

    (Thermal paste is the difference between a crashing system and an idle at 28C)
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