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I have an OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD Sata III, I wanted to know what steps and which to take first before installing windows on the drive. I know you want to check that AHCI mode is on, update to the latest firmware (i'm not sure how to do that before installing windows), and format the drive to NTFS. That's all I know to do for initial setup. I would like any pointers on other handy things to do or how to do them and what order. Thanks.
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    As for updating the firmware before installing the OS, I've been down that road before! Tried many things, but long story short, the best option I've found is:

    Use the "Linux-based Tool" from the OZC website, to set up a bootable USB drive, with all the software to do firmware updates, secure erase, and such.

    I really does a good job. And it's easy, if you follow directions. It's all there in the link.

    BTW, the link is for Veterx 3 series and such. OCZ doesn't have a firmware update listed for the Vertex 4, yet. But I bet the tool still works.
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