Nvidia g310 vs ati hd 5470

i plan buy a laptop but dont know which graphic card is best for gaming,nvidia g310 or ati mobility hd5470?plz help
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    Only a handful of games have been used with a 310M in this review, its looking like either of the cards will only play games on the lowest of settings. The 5470 Mobility dose not have any game FPS charts but is estimated to be slightly more powerful than the 4570 Mobility, which is just above the 310M.
  2. I've helped several notebook threads, ATI's 5 series graphics are quite a bit more powerful than their name suggests.
    The 5470 is basically a desktop 5450 that's OC'ed.

    The 5470 should be better.

    The 5470 should be around 60% better.
    The G310M is the same as the G210M which is the same as the G210 (desktop), the desktop 5450 beats the desktop G210.
  3. 5470 is better, I dont believe that HD 5470 can only run games on low settings,

    I own a MSI cx420

    Core i3 M 330 @ 2.13Ghz
    4.00GB ddr3 ram
    1GB ATI HD 5470

    it can run Call of Duty : Black Ops in High Settings in 1360 x 768 resolution
    AA is turned off.

    based on my reviews, the power of your graphic cards is also dependent on
    your RAM and Processor.

    Site such as gives almost the most accurate FPS for your
    notebook's graphics cards but as i am saying it will also depend on your
    processor and ram :)
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