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Upgrade socket 775 mobo or purchase i7 with mobo?


I recently found out that my northbridge chipset on my XFX 750i was overheating and that it was the reason my mobo was freezing. I purchased 3 140mm case fans and a Corsair H50 liquid CPU cooler and still no luck with keeping the northbridge cool enough. The only way my computer would run for more than 5 minutes is if I had a box fan set up, on the open side of the case, blowing the hot air out of the case. Im aware that there are Northbridge chipset coolers but is this really a viable solution and would I have the ability to install it on my 750i? I was also wondering if I'd have better luck on a different mobo altogether and if so what are some good options. i was kinda looking at the evga and xfx 780's and 790's since they're set up for SLi as well and also have 2 more sata headers but i have heard from different threads that the northbridge chipsets on the nforce line of boards seem to run scalding hot. But they range from $150 to $450 where as I was looking on tigerdirect for some SLi i7 packages and they run around $500. Im not uber rich but would like to actually close the side of my case and bring it to LAN parties, this being said another consideration is that I would like to salvage everything out of my case except for maybe the RAM. I have also just now contacted XFX about a possible warranty replacement and am waiting for a reply.

Current spec
MOBO- XFX 750i with SLi
CASE- Cooler Master CM690 Nvidia Edition
CPU- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 at 2.66 ghz
RAM- 2x 2gig sticks (4gb total) Centon 667 ddr2 ram
HDD's- 1 tb and 2x 500 gig
Optical- AOpen DVDr burner
Power- XFX 850watt 70 amp single rail black edition
GPUs- 2x BFG 9800 1gb GT's in SLi
Cooling- 3x 140mm case fans with one intake fan on the floor of case, 2 exhaust fans blowing out the top and a Corsiar H50 liquid CPU cooler. The GPUs stay at about 60 degrees celsius and the cpu's cores stay at under 40C, and for some reason the northbridge is still overheating causing freezing without box fan propped on open side of case

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  1. You have quite a decent CPU in there. So hold on to it a little longer. Get the Sandy Bridge when it comes out. If possible get a cheap SLI ready motherboard and stick with your PC for 7-8 months more. Then get a mean machine after a little bit of savings!
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    You need to get a fan of some kind in there to move air past the NB.

    First thing I'd do is strap/duct tape a standard fan inside, in such a way that it blows across the north bridge. If that temporary rig works, you can figure out how to "permanent-ize" the installation.
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