Best Hard Drive Configuration for SQL/Web Platform

I have been tasked with creating a "best performance" scenario for an SQL/Web Server combo. Based on some research I have done, the following would be the best layout for our hard drives.

Can anyone confirm this or make some suggestions? I pulled information from multiple websites and many of them had suggestions that contradicted one another. We have a 4U case that can house up to 32 HDDs. The number in the "quantity" column indicates my current HDD allocation, but feel free to change these.

We also considered using SSDs as opposed to traditional HDDs.

Feel free to indicate if some sections would benefit greatly from SSD and some could stay HDD. We are open to any recommendation that improves performance.

Thanks in advance.

Disk Quantity RAID VOLUME Purpose
0 2 1 Mirrored C:\ Windows/ SQL Server Software
1 2 1 Mirrored D:\ Web Files/Images
2 2 0 Striping E:\ System Databases (TempDB)
3 4 10 or 0+1 G:\ User Defined Databases
4 2 1 Mirrored H:\ Transaction Logs
5 2 0 Striping I:\ Backups, Batch Processing, Full Text Catalogs
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