P4 Upgrade, video card, what is the best card without power suppply needed? 5670

I have a P4 LGA 775 intel D915gev mobo, with 3Ghz processor. My mobo do support PCIx16 but is 1.0. Pending upgrade is 2x1G ram, 1TB seagate or WD hardisc. The last one, video card, I dun have so much budget for my upgrade, and com is 5 years already. I want to choose a card which no need extra PCI power supply. Currently looking at Ati HD 5670. any better idea? BTW my power supply is Icute 450W.
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  1. Unfortunately your CPU is very weak by today's standards. I would just save some money and get something like this;
  2. Is there any problems will happen to my com if i install 5670 or 4670?
  3. Nah, they will run fine and should be ok on your power supply. They will just be limited by the CPU and wont perform much better(if at all) than that HD4650 which is considerably cheaper.
  4. I dun want to waste my 775 mobo and p4, both is from intel, i spent 500 sin dollars for both of them, 5 years ago...
  5. my power supply is only 20A for 12v rail, 240w for 12v rail, is it ok? my mobo support C2D, is it worth it to change?
    I plan to have water cooling system for my P4, plan to over clock it, milling my water cooling block and parts in process...
  6. I understand but 5 years is a long time in terms of computers. Honestly these day for just $100 you could get a processor about 4 times as powerful and a new motherboard to go with it. Your ram is DDR2 so it could still be used.
  7. lee-turbo said:
    my mobo support C2D, is it worth it to change?

    It would indeed be worth the change but I've looked up your motherboard and it does not support core 2 duos.
  8. i will think about it...
    money is th problems...
    if not i would build a i7 gaming rig on my own...
    I am addict to the computer part more than the game
    is crazy about water cooling also
  9. Well like I said even something very cheap like this;
    is several times better than a P4, OCed and watercooled or not.
    Are you in the US?
  10. i am in singapore, i wanted to buy a 8800gts from newegg that day, but it only ship in us...
  11. My mobo doesnt support AMD right? that i mean i got to get new mobo, processor, video card, and PSU -.-
    Anyway, Thanks for ur help
    btw what is ur rig setup?
  12. Yeah. You would need a new motherboard to upgrade at all really, whether AMD or Intel. I don't know about there but here you can get a cheap one for around $50.
  13. here can get amd and intel also, personal prefer intel, but it is ex, might be going for amd new rig, and get POV 8800gts for my P4, what do u think? 8800gts is P4 generation right?
  14. Nah, the geforce 8000 series came out after the core2duos. Some cards that should be fairly cheap and appropriate for your processor are the HD4650, 9500GT and 8600GT/GTS.
  15. ok thanks so much, considering 9600gt 8800gts 512 and 4670 now :)
    MAy i know about ur rig?
    If let say i am going to build a new rig, what would u suggest?
    Going to play L4D 2 and dirt 2 and bioshock 2 maybe
  16. I will be away from home for a few days, that is an IT fair coming in singapore, i wil check the prices again, compare a few brands before i get my video card.
  17. S**t, I'll let jyjjy handle this but I would suggest Core i7 at least with like 6 GB Of RAM, Like an Antec PSU with 900W with a Radeon 5970. I might be overdoing it but when Crysis 2 comes out this might be the bare minimum. :-)
  18. Well, like I said I don't know about prices there but in the US the best deal for the money in terms of a gaming computer would be an Athlon II x4 system with an HD5770.
    If you can afford a bit more then a Phenom II x4 or for a bit more than that look at an i5-750 system. Go for a motherboard that has crossfire and the second slot is at least x8. That way you can add another HD5770 later for performance similar to an HD5870.
  19. Also for the AMD systems the motherboards tend to be either DDR2 or DDR3. DDR3 is slightly more expensive but it is a good idea although not a huge deal in terms of gaming performance.
  20. Thanks :) Just come back from working at IT fair
  21. I have another question now,
    I get a new power supply, Cooler master GX-550, 12 volt rail up to 528w
    and 5750 1G from xfx,
    I having problems with booting up my rig.
    I had connect the PCI power supply to the video card itself,
    But it just cant boot...
    Add in another 1TB hard disc also
  22. Consider this fact:

    ATI 5000-series cards are incompatible with many PCIe 1.0 and 1.0a motherboards. Per Intel's product spec sheet your motherboard has a PCIe 1.0a slot. Confirm with Intel whether or not the latest BIOS found here enables PCIe 2.1 compatibility. Considering it's date, I doubt it will, and it's quite likely that no 5000-series ATI card will ever work in that machine.
  23. OMG...
    I wasted my money -.-
    If let say is 4000 series? 4770 or 4850?
    Can it be use ?
    I read some forum, some people able to use 4850...
    I have a tight budget, if i want to buy a new motherboard, what would will suggest?
    I have 4G ddr2 800
    1TB hard disc
    Xfx 5750 1G PCIx16 2.1
    Coolermaster GX 550
    IDE Lg dvd multi dvd-rw
    P4 3000 prescott, hyper treading.
    Can i use back the same processor?
    Or got to get a new one?
    PLan to overclock next time
  24. It's not that PCIe 2.1 cards won't work in PCIe 1.0, 1.0a, or 1.1 slots. The fact of the matter is motherboards using those interfaces need a BIOS update to enable compatibility. Unfortunately, such boards are old. Current support for them is rare, with most boards having lost active manufacturer support years ago. Since PCIe 2.1 is new, if support for the motherboard was dropped before a BIOS was released that enabled PCIe 2.1 compatibility, 2.1 cards won't work.

    PCIe 2.0 cards (like the 4000-series cards you mentioned) should work with your current motherboard. Regardless, pairing a card of the performance caliber such as a 5750 or 4850 with a "weak-by-today's-standards" CPU is going to limit the card's performance, as well as overall gaming performance. This will be the most noticeable at low resolutions, where CPU performance has a greater impact than GPU performance. If you have a low-res monitor, you may want to consider keeping that card and replacing the motherboard and CPU.

    So you have two paths:
    1. Exchange the 5750 for a PCIe 2.0 card, like a 4850.
    2. Replace the motherboard, and possibly the CPU.

    Figure out which path you feel is the best for you and I'll gladly make suggestions.
  25. I am getting 4000 series one,
    I got one 4870 MIS 512mb from my friend, do u think it can work with my rig?
    My P4 L2 cache is 2MB, is good?
  26. The card should work fine in the system, but the performance of a 4870 (or 5750) will be limited by your P4 CPU. P4's are getting old and rather weak when directly compared to current generation CPUs, but they're still capable of handling most tasks. Unfortunately, gaming is not one of those tasks, especially at resolutions below 1920x1080 where the CPU and it's sub-system often bottlenecks performance.

    Considering how you already have two solid video cards (5750 and 4870) to choose from, the greatest performance benefit would be gained by upgrading the motherboard and CPU.
  27. I having problems with my Lan card.
    My computer can detect it and is not detected from another com(no signal out),
    Can help?
    Using Cnet 200 pro PCI ethenet pro
    D/l the driver stil not working
  28. Try a different slot on the motherboard and/or test it in another machine if you can. If it doesn't work in either of those scenarios, then it may be dead. That or the drivers you're using aren't the correct ones.
  29. I instal quite a few, now can detect, but cant work at all...
    NO signal out...
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