EX360 Crossflow Radiator.

Anyone have experience using one?
While I dont think there will be any issues, just wondering if anyone else has used them before and found them lacking. Cant find any reviews on the crossflow unit in particular.

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  1. Not much better version of rs 360. All i know :D
  2. I didn't know XSPC even made X-flow rads. I would imagine it's around the same as a normal EX360 since you still have the same surface area and the water has to travel the same distance (give or take...in theory).

    Any reason why cross flow vs. a the dual pass design of down and back of most rads? Or did you just find them at a decent price...or in stock?
  3. Its actually a few dollars cheaper than the normal design rad.

    Was thinking of using it so I could get a cleaner tubing run. As this way it gets the water across the case without using any tubing, so if I were to include this in the loop, it gets rid of the "return" tube which the T-Line is on.

    Plus, been planning on getting another 360 rad anyway, just so I can throw anything into the loop without worrying about whether I have enough radiator. And if I can do it in such a way that makes it look better, might as well.
  4. LeoMatrix said:
    Not much better version of rs 360. All i know :D

    The EX's are almost as good as the RX series actually, higher fin count though but regular Ex360's don't mind slow fans, I can't say for certain how the crossflow will perform but its from a good series and definitely better than the Rs,
    I'd say try it Chalk, theres nothing to lose really and you know I approve of clean runs :)
    speaking of which, tidy cables while its apart and spray that drive black
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