2 x evga gtx 275 sli vs 2 x bfg gtx 260 sli

can i run a evga gtx 275 and a bfg gtx 260 in sli
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    No you cannot. You need the same model GPU to run in SLi.
    Which one do you have?
  2. i have 1 of each, was wonderin if i should try 2 pair them or buy a second 275 or 260
  3. You can pair them, but they won't run in SLi.

    Yeah, sell one of them and buy one of the same model.

    GTX260s should go for about $160, and GTX275s should go for about $200.
    They price might be higher now since retailers have jacked up the prices.

    See if there's someone on the forums willing to trade, or sell/buy the cards on ebay.
  4. 2 x 275 it is then ....ty
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