I just picked up an 8350 and had a quick question...

I got this thing a day ago and everything is just a little Too Easy...I turn it prob...set the bios on my asus board to "Performance mode" goes to 4.4Ghz with no adjustment even to core voltage. Then I just for giggles put it up to 4.6 at 1.4v it's running like butter.

The Only Thing is... I run Boinc all day everyday at %100 system load (GPU snoozes when in use-I can't even notice almost bc CPU is still fast as hell even when it's getting fully taxed-I turn it off when I game)

Anyway, I don't know if 66 C is too hot for 24/7 Boinc data crunching?? Will this hurt the CPU long term? Should I upgrade my D-14? try a lower voltage? I feel like it's just blind luck that the very first OC attempt is so right on the money? I'm going to tweak it for best temp etc, but what are some thoughts about the temp for this chip? It idles around 37 C btw and at 4.4 (auto OC from board) it's highest temps were about 59 C.


AMD FX-8350 (4.615Ghz 230x20, 1.4v)
Noctua D-14 (120mm, 140mm)
Asus Sabertooth AM3+ 990FX
16Gb A.Data DDR3 1866Mhz
Vertex 3 240Gb SSD
4x WD Caviar Black 2TB Sata 6/Gbs
MSI Twin Frozer III 6950 2Gb (Unlocked 1536 Shaders 850/1350Mhz)
Nzxt Hal 80 850w PSU 80 Plus Gold
Nzxt Lexa S Case (3x120mm, 2x140mm)
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    The dh-14 is pretty much the best cooler available and the only upgrade would be a custom loop. Why not leave it at 4.4 as 4.6 is a tiny speed boost and if 4.4 doesn't need any more voltage then your golden.
  2. Yeah, I could leave it at 4.4, 4.5...but I'd really like 4.6, 4.7.

    I went to bed last night with it on and came back about 15hrs or so later and the temps had gone up to 72-73 C because the GPU was also going full blast, so system/ambient temps and all had pushed it up.

    Is 73C too hot for this chip? It didn't show any sign of stability issues..

    Do you think an H80i would cool this better than the D-14 and allow me some further headroom?
  3. No the h80i performs worse. No point pushing a chip for epeen. 73 is still fine.
  4. I just lowered the vcore and the clocks to 1.35 and 20x225=4.5Ghz and now it's only getting up to 65 C full load. I think that'll be my settling point for 24/7. I appreciate the help
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