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hey guys. i am toying the idea of getting a 32gb SSD for my windows 7 ultimate OS only. is it worth it to spend $40-$50 on this? i mean how much will it affect the system? i have a 500gb WD hard drive right now that i would use to store my programs. would my programs load faster since that drive whould not have to deal with windows files? i have also heard a lot about ssd not having a good life time. how long would a cheap 32gb last for os only? thx for any advice. ;)
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  1. Anything that you put on the SSD will load faster. Your boot times will definitely be improved as well
  2. 32GB drives are not designed for a boot drive. They were designed for Intel Smart Response SSD Cacheing. For a boot drive, you will want to look at something around 60GB. SSD lifetime being shorter is debatable
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    ^+1 Agree. At least 60GB.

    SATA II or SATA III, doesn't matter. As long as you have an Intel based chipset motherboard, it'll rock. (Intel for ACHI, some NVidia have it, not many.)
  4. thx for the answers guys. so a 32gb would not work well for a OS? what are the differences between the 60gb and 32gb besides just size?
  5. Note that capacity dictates MTBF of an SSD. For example (using arbitrary numbers), if 120GB SSD can write up to 200TB of data before it blows through all the P/E cycles, it'd take only 100TB for 60GB SSD, and 50TB for 30GB SSD to become unusable.

    Another thing is, higher capacity SSDs perform better due to using more NAND channels (this mostly applies to write speeds, but not exclusively).
  6. ^+1 Well put.
  7. ^5 +1 I agree with what the others have already posted.
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  9. thx again guys. i get it now.
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