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I just bought an 128gb crucial m4 ssd. I am trying to use paragon OS to SSD but whenever I do it says that on the ssd that there is no free space available with an error code 0x10003.

My OS is on an 80GB partition so space should be fine. If I try it on my other TB hard drive no errors at all. I have XP on a different drive but I don't even see a dual boot option when booting up so maybe that is affecting it...

Also I know that a fresh install would be the best option, but I don't want to take the time to install all of my programs. I will be forced to unless I can get this resolved.

I am quite confused about this and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try defraging your OS disk with perfect disk defragger. I had the same problem with cloning to/from SSD and it was resolved by defragging the disk (BTW Windows defragger doesn't do the job).
  2. I tried defragging it and even giving it some more space (because there are two partitions on the hard drive) from the other partition. Didn't work. Any other ideas?
  3. 1) Are you going from a 80 gig SSD to a 128 gig SSD. IF so Clonig is great.
    2) Don't recommend cloning from a HDD to a SSD.

    In case 1, Your problem is Not the "C" drive and if it was an SSD - you Should NOT use defrag. Your problem is with that Little 100 mb system partition. I had the SAME problem cloning an SSD. Somehow a large file was written into that partition and I had to go in and delete it. And NO you can not just find it an hit delete. Will have to look for a reference - should have saved a link to it.

    ADDED PS For cloning your "C" drive and using windows 7 try using windows backup located in the control center. That is what I use to make an image of "C" drive on all my windows 7 systems.

    Added: Just spent 30 Mins on trying to locate and could not find. Did find that the problem is generally
    .. Corrupt or missing system files
    .. Result of "system Partition" being on a different HDD (one of the reasons that when doing a OS install, ALWAYS disconnect all other HDDs.)
    .. The problem that I had - which I could not locate.
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    I can suggest two approaches. Neither will give as good a result as a fresh install.

    First, try backing up to an external drive with EASEUS ToDo Backup, then restoring to the SSD with the "restore to dissimilar hardware" option set. If that won't boot, or won't fit, try a Secure Erase on the SSD (boot from the Parted Magic distro) and then cloning the system partition only. IT WILL NOT BOOT. Next, you boot from the XP distro disc and choose a Repair Install.

    Seriously, XP does not take the best advantage of an SSD and cannot provide the TRIM command. Over time, your SSD will probably gunk up and run more slowly. Or was the reference to XP some other OS entirely, and Win7 is the OS you are trying to move?

    You will not see a boot menu if you have one OS on one drive and another OS on another drive. You have to pick which drive to boot from in the BIOS. If one of your OSes is Win7, you can go in after the OS is installed and configured and use EasyBCD to edit your boot menu and add the option to boot from the XP installation on the other drive.

    I shotgunned a lot of information because I'm not sure exactly what your issue is. Let me know if you can guide me to it more precisely.
  5. Sorry for not responding quickly, but I used Easeus Backup program and cloned it over to my ssd. Works great and boots up super fast now. The deal was was my windows 7 was on my 250GB drive partitioned into two. Windows 7 was on a 80GB partition. XP was just arbitrary. Thanks for all the help!
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