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Hello THW,

While moving things in my room, I knocked my knee into the headset jacks plugged into my HAF 922 front panel. Right now they're both broken in a way that I have to push the jacks towards the right so that it stays connected. Any ideas on how to fix this or do I have to find a replacement front panel? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Have you taken the front panel off and taken a look at the connections
  2. those little 3.5mm connections break all the time, I presume you've tried a different pair of headphones to make sure it's the case connection rather than the headphones, right? If it is, well I'm afraid you'll have to either get a new case or a new panel, depending on your Sound Card. You should get a new panel for $15 or less. But if you're pretty adept at soldering you can make a new one or wire up a female connection for a couple of dollareydoos no hassle. Most electronics shop will have a female 3.5 mm jack connection (harder to solder) or a cable (much easier) which you can recess into your case, but it may not fit properly.
  3. talk to the manufacturer of your case, they might be able to send you a replacement front panel piece.
    i had a similar situation happen with me. broken front usb on my antec p180b. i asked antec if/where i could buy the piece, and they sent me the piece for --> free <-- and they really didnt have to
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