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Trying to overclock Palit GT440 GDDR5 1GB

Last response: in Overclocking
January 29, 2013 12:24:17 PM

Hi all,
I'm trying to O.C. my Palit GT440 GDDR5 1GB and in order to get some info i have searched in google but some things got unclear and thats why i wanted to ask few questions:

-Should i overclock this GPU or you think the fan isnt good enough for the job ?
-How to know if the memory clock OC failed ? ( i pushed it to 3800 mhz and everything looks fine with 3dmark11 but idk for what i am supposd to look and thats why im afraid to rise it more :| )
-If i dont see any triangles in 3dmark11 and in games does it mean my Core OC is stable or i need to do a specific test to find that out? (if i need to do a specific test please recommend me a program with wich i can do it)

I'm using ASUS GPU Tweak to overclock and monitor the card , 3DMARK11 , DMC ,Skyrim and Tera to test it
January 29, 2013 6:24:43 PM

No 1 can help me with this ?
January 29, 2013 11:54:22 PM

Ok fisrt thing look at this
second once you have oc'ed it check for artifacting in your bench's wich looks like fireworks going off in the back ground and strange colour that's not normaly there and third you should see a increase in your fps in game's and bench's good luck with your venture.

sorry forgot to add make sure you increase your fan speed to keep it cool.