Any last thoughts on my budget build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: End of the month (March)

BUDGET RANGE: Around $360 including shipping

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Internet browsing, music, flash games

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, monitor, HDD

: Newegg

PARTS PREFERENCES: high quality stuff

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe very slightly if temps are alright, using stock cooling

: Not used for gaming, so probably just 1024x768

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Heres the build I've put together:

Building a very basic computer for my sister to replace her Celeron D Dell that she somehow manages infect with every virus imaginable. She really doesnt do anything besides browsing the internet and listen to music, sometimes she downloads crappy little flash games so I think onboard graphics will suffice. I'll be reusing the HDD from her old computer.
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  1. Looks like a nice setup for DDR2 RAM - one suggestion would be to consider DDR3 RAM and comparable mobo; but that would drive the cost higher.

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  2. If you can squeeze in $18 more this is a lot better.

  3. Alright, I switched the build around. I noticed that I could actually save a few dollars by going with the Corsair 400w with free shipping rather than getting the Earthwatts. I also changed the case because the gigabyte had something like $15 shipping, so I changed it to one with free shipping.

    I also changed the mobo and ram to AM3/DDR3 for about $20 more but I think its going to be worth it. I dont really think theres a need for a real great mobo because seriously, all she does is go on facebook and download music. Thanks for the suggestion, anything else is welcome.
  4. Make sure the mobo is gigabyte, asrock, or asus. make sure its not ECS as they are the worst branded motherboard.
  5. Yeah I generally stay away from Biostar and ECS. The one I picked out was this one from MSI, seems like a legit board.
  6. actually biostar been coming along greatly since that guy from dfi joined them, there are even some clocking records being posted with biostar boards
  7. bige420 said:
    Yeah I generally stay away from Biostar and ECS. The one I picked out was this one from MSI, seems like a legit board.

    Ah I would stay away from mobos with only 2 ram slots. For $15 more this will make all the difference
  8. Do you think the 1000mhz Hyper Transport on the MSI board would restrict performance any?

    Edit: Im not really worried about the 2 DIMM's since shes probably not going to be upgrading anytime soon. As much as I would like to get that one from ASrock, it would put me over my budget which was set at $350 and im already over.
  9. bump for any last comments
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