Computer keeps crashing during games

Hi just built my first pc yesterday and everything went great installed windows 7 pro 64bit and all drivers but when i play crysis 20 30 mins in my pc crashes heres the specs

Asus p5n-d mobo
intel q9400 processer
Arctic silver 5
xigmatek red scorpion cpu cooler
4gb ddr2 corsair ram 800mhz
Asus EAH5850 GPU
XFX 750w psu
windows 7 pro 64bit

plz help
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Have you tested other games too ?
    Also does it give you any errors when it crashes ?
    Make sure you have the latest VGA driver installed too
  2. hi no i aint tryed any other games yet the whole computer crashes and i have to restart it and ive got the latest ati drivers
  3. What are the CPU and GPU temperatures in idle mode and after 10 minutes while playing crysis?
  4. well i just run prime95 for about half an hour and it done it whole computer crashed on windows this time but my cpu temps werent even reaching 50 degrees celcius on 100% load so what could it be
  5. Try to run prime95 with only one stick of RAM at different slots (if you have 2 sticks of 2GB than you have 8 combinations).
  6. Are you overclocking anything?

    Did you change any settings in the BIOS?
  7. i think ive figured it out i checked my vcore on cpu-z and it was 1.29 on stock settings aswel so that sounds way to high so i changed it to 1.2 and ran prime95 for nearly 4hrs then it done it again so just a bit more fiddling and it should be fine wat do you think
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