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ECS 890GXM-AU (v1.0 vs v2.0)

Hello all, im building a new PC, and thats the motherboard im thinking to buy.
But i cant seem to find any v2.0 nearby.
Looking at ECS's website the only difference i spotted is the: U3N2(USB 3.0 Add-on Card for A890GXM-AU). Also the heatsinks looks a little different.
Does anyone have a final word here? Is v1.0 a no go? Or doesnt metter that much?

Thanks in advance,
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    Version or Revision is usually directly connected to BIOS or compatibility issue. A higher number is usually better, but if you can't find one, then the lower is not a bad choice either. The worst possibility is you'll need to update the BIOS.

    Hope this helps! :D
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