Second HDD disappeared

For some reason my secondary HDD disappeared. It has been working fine for the last year. I am using windows 7 Pro. I found these troubleshooting steps in another thread.
1. Ensure that USB cable is properly seated at both ends - disconnect and connect again firmly
2. Ensure external HDD is getting external power (if there's provision for external power)
3. Is your External HDD showing in BIOS
4. Does it show in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management)
5. If HDD shows in Disk Management, is it assigned a drive letter (like E: or F: ) - if not, you need to assign a letter and restart your computer and it should be visible

I have done all of that but in the disk management it does not see the HDD.
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  1. Bummer.

    Can you hear it spinning? Can you try it on a different computer? Hate to say it but if its not seen in Disk Management its usually dead.
  2. Yes i can hear it spin. It works fine in Ubuntu over the live cd as well.
  3. Try running smartmontools on the drive from Ubuntu and see what it comes up with.
  4. Did you lose your USB drivers in windows?
  5. No I did not.
  6. Stumped then. I would think its dead but it works in Ubuntu. And if your drivers in windows are fine then I'm not sure. Try a different USB port? Still doesn't explain why Ubuntu would see it. Got me.
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