5770 = what Nvidia card?

I'm pretty familiar with the ATI GPUs and I've been reading a lot that they are a step up at the moment from Nvidia because of the higher end cards being able to support direct x11 as well as the price. In order to make sure I'm getting the best card for my money I want to try and become familiar with Nvidias cards. They are kinda confusing the way they label them. I'm trying to spend about what a 5770 costs- 150$-$170. Which Nvidia card is comparable to this? Direct 11x doesn't seem like a huge reason to go with one over the other. Or is it?
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  1. $<Price>: <Card>|<ATI Equivalent Card>(<ATI's price>)

    $50: 8600GT|HD4650
    $80: 9600GT~GT240|HD5670
    $100: GTS250|HD4850~HD5750
    $200: GTX260|HD5770($140)
    $250: GTX275|HD5830
    $340: GTX285|HD5850($300)
    $450: GTX295|HD5870($400)
  2. 5770 performs equal to a 4870, which performs equal to a GTX260.

    GTX260s are experiencing shortages, and thus are overpriced
  3. actually gtx 260s are DX10. Meaning last gen. They equal the preformance of a 5770 IF they are both using dx10 at the time. 5770s have full DX11 support and therefore I think, are better. btw 5770s will be able to max crysis 2 on dx11. Since gtx 260s dont have dx11 support, but only dx10, they wont
  4. the Gtx 260 gives more performance than a 4870
    5770 is a bit less than 4870 i would bet on that

    the gtx 260 is more good
    but looking on features that the 5770 has got like DX11 and cooler and low power i would go with 5770 in a 20" or 22" lcd to play without AA in high settings
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