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I've only applied thermal compound once in my life on my old PS3, which had several "thermal problems" due to the prior poor application of the stock compound.

I have a tube of AS5, and I was wondering do you need to tint the heatsink, as it says in this guide:

(Tinting means to lightly cover the heatsink with the compound).

Can someone give me specific instructions on how to apply arctic silver 5 on an AMD Phenom II x4 955?
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  1. When applying Thermal Paste I prefer to add a small amount around the surface of the CPU. Then using a plastic card I carefully spread the compound to cover the whole CPU. Basically as long as you get the whole CPU covered you're going to be alright. Just be careful not to use too much. Going overboard on the amount of compound used can actually hinder it's ability to transfer heat off the CPU to the heat-sink.

    Really, as long as you've got a thin layer that covers the CPU and you can't see through at any point, you should be fine. Just take your time.
  2. Well, Thats what I did on my PS3s CPU and GPU, but I've heard that it can just cause a lot of air bubbles to form, so Do you need to tint the heatsink or not?

    Actually I have to fill the gaps between the heatpipes on the tx3 Im getting (in my picture).

    Shouldnt the whole pea method be better because its only covering the cores in the very centre? (CPUs are like those old amd processors but with a large square heatcap on the top)
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