Power Consumption 5770 vs 8800GT

How do you find the power consumption for a card?

Today I run a EVGA 8800GT with no problems.
I'd like to upgrade to a HD 5770, but I'm not sure the difference in power consumption.

I know my PSU is on the edge with the 8800GT. I read a generic post that the 5770 takes less power, but I didn't see a "why" and would like to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Hi!

    Try this site,
    I found the HD 5770, it said 51 W. Try finding a similar to the EVGA 8800GT in the list and compare.
  2. The HD5770 uses more than 51W. You probably clicked the HD5570.

    If your 8800GT uses a 6-pin PCI-E connector, then the HD5770 will do just fine.
    max power 105 watts
    Thats about the same as 5770 full load.
  4. An 8800GT uses about 105 -112w at full load.
  5. The 5770 uses less power because it is built on a 40 nm process whereas the 8800GT is built on a 65 nm process.
  6. @Sabot00 - Edited after this original post....thanks! That's probably what the other post I read said.
    Max must be about same, but normal draw is lower due to the 40nm

    Ahh - found it. Per the Mfg Site (Duh, should have tried those first)

    Max 8800GT - 105w
    Max HD5770 - 108w

  7. Well same power draw. Performance on the other hand....
  8. :) Of course not the same performance....hence my reason to want to upgrade :)
  9. Best answer
    The HD 5770 uses 61.2w of power compared to 78.3 of the 8800GT under typical gaming conditions.



    Using the FurMark Benchmark, the HD 5770 peaks @ 81w.

  10. This chart tends to be pretty accurate;
    It collates information from all the reviews of various cards that can be found online. It's sorted by max power used under normal operation. The extra dark red sections represent power draw under extreme load during stress testing and isn't available for all cards.
  11. 78Watts under Peak 3-d?

    Do you think with a 40mhz/70mhz downclock on core/memory we could make an HD5770 Eco?
  12. Actually the 5770 uses 61.2W on games & 81W on FurMark, however the 5670 already tops the 9800GT Eco, so ATI has little to worry about.
    One thing I am interested in is the FurMark test, the 5750 uses 60.6W max their, so it's already quite under the 75W limit.
  13. Interesting.
  14. Someone needs to see if the 5750 works without a PCI-E 6-pin connector.
  15. Powercolor is releasing a Green Model without the power connector,
    AsK and you shall recieve.
  16. Bam!

    Now like I said, 81 watts in Furmark for the HD5770. If we take the clocks down, say, 20/30 on core/memory, we might be able to get a Green edition of the 5770.
    Not to mention the stress Furmark puts on cards is unbelievable.
  17. notty22 said:
    AsK and you shall recieve.

    Can I have a couple of million bucks, a helicopter and some supermodels to feed me peeled grapes?, Ta v.much.
  18. If the best thing you can think of to do with supermodels is have them peel grapes then you don't deserve them :p
  19. jyjjy said:
    If the best thing you can think of to do with supermodels is have them peel grapes then you don't deserve them :p

    Hey, this is a family orientated forum so I can only say so much. :ange:
  20. Mayhaps a bit of pelvic practice?
  21. This is a family-oriented forum?

    Make a tag then! :bounce:
  22. LOL - I was so proud of my thread for a bit....then the digression. :)

    Thanks to all. I've seen enough....the HD 5770 it let's hope the drivers work!
  23. Should all be fine. GSOD issues should be fixed this month with the 10.3/4 drivers.
  24. Well - I was a bit worried until I kept digging. So far I'm fairly convinced that if I used a good driver cleaner to ensure the NVIDA drivers are cleaned up, and I use the latest ATI drivers I'll be okay. Perhaps a bit of clock tuning, but I doubt it.

    If it comes down to it, I can swap the cards back until the drivers are absolutely solid.
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