What should be my upgrade priorities, considering this system?

Ok, here's my current build:
4gb OCZ 800 DDR2
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R (handles DDR2/DDR3)
Antec 650w PSU
64gb patriot SSD (+1TB HDD)
*No GPU - it died*
So my question is, with a budget of $700-$750, what should I do to maximize gaming performance? My first thought was just to buy a 5970, and overclock my Q6600 (which I've heard is an excellent overclocker). But how much of a bottleneck would my other older components be? Is it a better option to go with a less powerful GPU, and instead upgrade to DDR3 RAM (my motherboard has slots for DDR2 and DDR3)? The end goal is to maximize FPS in games, any thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Upgrading to DDR3 RAM provides very little performance improvement (0-1%). Spend your money on a good video card and a good CPU cooler if you want to overclock.
  2. Ok, thanks. Either way I'm going to wait for the Fermi, just to see the benchmarks. Assuming a worst case scenario and I end up spending $700 on a card, I am left with $50 for a CPU fan. This one -
    got the highest rating of any cooler on newegg, I'm thinking I should go with this one?
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