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I am aware of how to change text messages and visual displays on the windows 9x start menu, but I can't seem to change the ominous windows flag on the start button in Windows 98. Does anyone know how? This isn't much of a big deal, but it satisfies curiosity

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  1. You have to copy and edit the USER.EXE in your windows/system folder. Everything I've seen on the subject says you have to use an icon editor capable of dealing with and executable. They usually recommend a program called <A HREF="" target="_new">Microangelo</A>. Your supposed to edit the first image available (there's more than one). Exit to DOS, backup the original and then replace it with your modified image. Then of course you have to restart. Seems a little involved for something that simple.

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  2. I believe there's a few programs out there that take a few steps out of the process but I don't have any links.

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