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Running a laptop with XP Pro. after powering up I use teh Ctrl / Alt /Del to get to a login screen and it has a user name, domain and password. I got into it fine. I needed to add Windows Network for WorkGroup to connect to an office network and I set that up without using the "don't have an office domain" It needed to restart o activate things. Now the Login Screen only indiactes User ID 7 Password and not the previous domain that had appeared and it won't accpet the password that I know is correct. Can't seem to star in safe mode (with or without network access) to go in and try and reset things.

Any ideas of a soultion would be appreciated.
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  1. You'll have to reset the password. You can't have a system both in a workgroup and a domain.

  2. When you moved the system off the domain it wiped out the domain account login and reverted to a system account only. You will need to login as the administrator and add the computer back onto the domain to use the old domain account again or add another local account to use with the workgroup.
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