Back to square 1 (computer shutting offf)

Okie- Dokie then... forget all of what I said on the other post... cuz it's back to telling me there is no signal.

We thought we had it solved... but no.
It didn't turn itself off this time... now it's back to just going to no display and saying "no signal" It starts up ok... seems to run smooth... but no display. It won't strat-up.
I am so lost... and have no idea what to think now!

Guess we're not as lucky as we thought!!!

This is an HP Pavillion a1750e... would love to buy a dell or anything other than HP... but I'm stuck with this one for now.... and very little money to spend on it!

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  1. I replied to your other post. I think you might have a failing power supply. And of course it might also be your video card failing. But since your video card is integrated into your main board, the solution would be to buy an add-on video card. PCI-Express video cards can be as cheap as $50 if you don't plan on playing video games or doing any kind of heavy video editing, you don't need a high end video card. A $50 PCI-E will do.

    I would check the power supply first though.
  2. Ok... remember, you are talking to someone who knows very little of the tech side of things... I'm a photographer. So when you say check my power supply, exactly what do you mean? The cord? Sorry if I sound stupid... I'm really not, only with this stuff! arrrggggg!!!
  3. If this happens while the computer is idle I would disable sleep and hibernation to see if they are causing the problem.

    If its happening while you are active on it then I would start by checking for bad capacitors and power supply voltages.
  4. The power supply is the unit where the power cord hooks up to. When you have the side panel off, you'll see the big square unit in the upper corner. That is your power supply. Sometimes these things will fry and your computer will not turn on period. But when they start slowly failing, they can produce all sorts of weird not giving enough juice to the main board which is what I think your problem is.
  5. Let me ask you this, when you power on the system, do you get the no signal right away? or does it display something at first and then goes blank right before it starts loading Windows. Does the computer load into windows but just doesn't display anything on the monitor? I mean do you hear that start-up sound from the speakers when Windows gets to the Welcome screen?
  6. I get the no signal right away. Before, it would just go from what I was doing to "no signal"... but now I can't even get into the start-up.
  7. This is a copy of my answer from my other post:

    Alrighty... my son came over a little while ago to check it out. unbeknown to me, I DID have a separate upgraded video card already installed... one with it's own little fan and everything! (a Comanche or something) He took it out cleaned it and checked everything... didn't see anything that looked fried... but no go. It still did the same thing when he re-installed it. So he took it back out and hooked up to the integrated card... and so far so good! I'm thinking that when I ordered the computer, because I told them I was a photographer and had a lot of photos and graphics... they sold me on the upgraded card. So now i'm wondering if I need to replace it, or if the integrated one is enough.

    Thanks so much for all your help... at least I knew which direction to send my son in and you guys were right!
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