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Hi everyone,

I have just finished building a new system that includes a P5G41C-M LX motherboard. I installed Windows 7, and everything, including the audio, initially seemed to be working correctly.

I then proceeded to install the necessary drivers and applications. At some point, the onboard audio stopped working. Unfortunately, I did not notice exactly when this occurred.

I tried reinstalling Windows 7, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

To summarise, the situation is:

* Onboard audio is set as the default device
* The level meter in Windows 7 is showing a signal when audio is being played (although of course no sound is actually audible)
* Speakers were tested with another device and are working correctly
* Audio devices are not being detected when plugged into any of the audio sockets (front or rear)

I made another interesting observation which might be relevant. Prior to installing the sound driver, the audio device in Windows defaulted to "HDMI audio". Even after installing the driver, this is still available as an option. This surprises me as the system has no HDMI connection (I am using my old 8600GT for graphics at the moment).

Does the above indicate some kind of hardware conflict or device misdetection? Or is the motherboard most likely defective?

I would be most grateful for any advice anyone can offer.

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  1. If the sound stopped working and you don't mind re-formatting then I'd install fresh test the sound then test after each program and driver you install to find the conflict.

    I don't think the HDMI audio coming up is a misdetection although without looking into your motherboard and some things I can't say for sure.

    I honestly don't care a ton about audio or HDMI though.
  2. I did actually reinstall Windows 7, and it did not restore the audio. However, I did not specifically tell the installer to reformat first. I simply deleted the partition the installation was originally on, and selected this space as the target for the fresh install. I'm assuming this has the same effect in practice?

    Thanks for your assistance so far.
  3. This may be a stupid question, but you did install the chipset drivers from the disk that came with the motherboard?

    If you have tried to reinstall all the software (OS and chipset drivers), it is time to RMA.
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