To repair hard disk not detected by bios

i have a segate hdd 80 gb this is nit detacted please help me. i try everything in bios but the hdd is crashed so help me to repair the hdd.
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  1. download SeaTools from Seagate. Preferably the version you burn to a CD and boot from it (this way Windows doesn't get in the way).
    If the BIOS doesn't detect it, most likely you're going to struggle. But SeaTools MIGHT find it and be able to run diagnostics. If it can't, double check that data and power cables are connected properly and try again.
    If nothing else works, the drive might have gone completely.
  2. Does it spin up? Does it make any noise/vibration?

    What other drives (hard disk or CD/DVD drives) do you have in your computer? Is there anything else connected to the same IDE cable?

    I've never heard of any tool being able to pick up a hard drive which was not detected by BIOS, that would be new to me too.

    We were talking about a failing hard disk in this thread:
    I mentioned the "Freezer" trick, which I never tried myself, but some people said it worked for them. As a last resort, you can try it, but get another hard disk first, to copy the important files over as soon as possible, because it's possible that you'll not be able to repeat that process too many times.
  3. ^ to amend to your Freezer trick, only do this if you've decided you're not going to pay a company to recover data. Have done this with and without success. The latter I needed the data pretty badly. DriveSavers charged me an extra $500 "you tried to fix it yourself" fee. :)

    agreed with the BIOS issue, but I thought it was worth a try just in case.
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