Intel Quad 2 66Ghz CPU Core i7 and Intel Core 2 Quad 2 66 Ghz Q8400 difference

i want to know that is an IntelCore2 quad2.66Ghz Q8400 is an Core-i series
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    The i7 brings a new and more powerful core to the table
    The C2Q's are not hyperthreaded and the i7 is.
    C2Q's do not automatically overclock themselves and the i7 does (turboboost)
    C2Q's have an external memory , the i7's are built in C2Q's have 4mb cache versus 8mb for the i7 (typically)
    The Q8 series of the C2Q's do not support SSE4 instruction set (Q9 series does) and i7 Does.
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