Can I keep ASUS OC Tuner on?

I have a ASUS Sabertooth Z77, with an UEFI Bios.

I am new to overclocking, so I wanted to test the motherboard's "OC Tuner" option, which auto-overclocks the cpu for you.

I got to approx. 4.3 Ghz on my i5-3570k.

Now, just a general question, can I leave the OC Tuner option on forever?

Or do I have to, when I don't plan on gaming, turn it off, and when I do plan on gaming, turn it on, after every restart?

I did notice, on the ASUS Suite tool, that the cpu hits 4.3Ghz on load (Far Cry 3) and throttles back down to 1.5 Ghz when on the desktop.

Does this mean, I can leave the OC Tuner option 'on', because when not in use the CPU will go back to a ~1-2Ghz when not on load?

Thanks for any input!
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  1. yes its a handy power saving feature you don't need to manually turn on and off all the time, I will say one thing I find about asus boards the OC tuner usually uses high voltage settings to force stability as long as your temperatures are alright it doesn't matter its just something that bothers me,
    if you take the time to learn to overclock your own chip you'll probably find you can get the same overclock on lower voltage but thats up to you if you want to do that
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