Why does my Samsung Syncmaster LCD Monitor turn off and on and have a

Hey all,

My LCD monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 910MP) has been acting pretty strange lately. It started out by randomly turning off and on (but not powering off) every few hours. Since then, it has also auto adjusted itself without me doing anything. The latest issue is that everything now has a blue tint. For example, the Google logo now has a blueish shadow instead of a grey shadow.

Anybody have any ideas?

I've narrowed down the problem in a few ways:

-It's not a problem with my computer. I've connected the monitor to another computer (laptop) and the same problem occurred.

-It's not the VGA cable. I've tried a different VGA cable and the same thing occurred.

-It's not the settings of the monitor. I've tried pretty much everything... Brightness/Contrast, Color Control, Image Reset, Color Reset, Image Lock, etc. The blue tint still remains.

********* EDIT **********

This is not related to NVIDIA. Didn't feel like any of the subcategories applied to this.
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  1. Guess nobody here knows anything about monitors. Thanks anyway.
  2. the monitor maybe more than the video card can deal with in resolution, try reducing resolution and see if it helps, if it does upgrade the card
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