Fried my motherboard?

So, I recently bought a new CPU (well, a used one) for my rig, an Intel Q6600.

My rig is:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (was Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180)
Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4L (nForce 650i SLI chipset)
2 * 1GB DDR2-800 memory (OCZ brand, good memory)
2 * Palit GeForce 8800GTX, SLI
3 HDs, 1 DVD
Antec P150 case

So, I replaced the CPU, and finally got everything working. Was fine, stable, and I was happy. But then I had to fudge with the Overclocking controls of the mobo, and I did the following:

CPU voltage control: 1.35v
NB/HT-link voltage: +0.1v
FSB: +0.1v
FSB-Memory clock mode: Unlinked
CPU host frequency: 333mhz
Memory frequency: 800mhz

And from that point on - black screen. No beeps, nothing. CMOS clearning didn't help. Replacing a battery - didn't help. Disconnected the video, the HDs/DVDs, took out the CPU and memory - still no beeps. So - just the motherboard is connected now, with just the case pins and the PSU, nothing more. No beeps.

I highly doubt it has to do with the PSU, but I can check it with another PSU, just in case.

I was wondering - do you have any suggestion as to what I can do? What can it be? Any help would be appreciated, as I am truly clueless as to what to do next. :(
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  1. Take battery off, then unplug from power.. wait for about 5 minutes and then put everything back.
    sometimes it doesn't reset if you do it too fast.
  2. If you can't reset your motherboard even after having it all unplugged with no battery for an extended amount of time, it may be dead... possibly fried... but your settings were not extreme so a corrupted bios/cmos rom chip is a lot more likely.

    If this is the case you could look for a rom chip to replace the one you have (has to be working from same model mobo) or get a programming tool and re-flash the bios to the chip. in some cases if the bios chip is soldered onto the board it will be a harder thing to accomplish.

    So your last option is to look for another 775 motherboard... possibly with a better chipset. Intel would be way better than nVidia's nforce. You can find some pretty nice 775 boards on ebay and other sites...
  3. Trial and error method is of pretty good help and make things work.
    Try with a different psu

    i am having a strong feeling that your mobo is actually dead.
    Get a new mobo with either G41 or G45 chipset.
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