Gigabyte ex58-ud5 ram issues

hey all
i just got my PC working in all well but due to long boot of my motherboard i went to bios and changed the boot logo to make it quick but what i saw was totally weird case i am using 6 gigs of 1600mhz gskill i7 edition ram but during my boot it only shows me 1066mhz so i want to know what maybe the problem and can it be fixed by changing ram voltage if possible help me please cause im really new to building a pc so please help me any suggestions will be appreciated to solve my problem
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  1. The RAM came with a DATA-SHEET that has the CAS timings written down ... OR .. they are on the packaging or you can (carefully) verify the timings online.

    STEP 1 : Go into setup and MANUALLY enter (force) the exact RAM timings (as published on your datasheet) into the CAS timing fields, (in BIOS/SETUP)

    STEP 2 : ... SAVE (and exit) setup, which will initialize a system restart ...

    STEP 3 : GO BACK INTO BIOS/SETUP and VERIFY the manually forced timings "stuck" (were remembered) in the SETUP memory timing fields.

    STEP 4 : PAUSE during your POST REPORT to verify "Triple Channel Mode Enabled"

    (There should be empty RAM slots BETWEEN you modules ! )
    (Start with the slot furthest from the CPU ... if probs ).

    = Alvin =
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