I replaced my 250GB HDD with a 500GB HDD

I replaced my 250 GB HDD with a 500GB HDD on my HP Pavilion a1340m because it had a corrupted file and I don't have the administrator pass word to repair it. I got a bigger hard drive thinking it would be better. The original hard drive had two partitions one was a recovery partition. Now i can't load the drivers because it says i am not logged in as Admin. even tho I am. What did I do wrong? What should I have done?
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  1. Sometimes it's better to just put a Windows Operating System disk in, and reformat and reload the operating system. If I were you, I would make sure the new drive is connected as a "Master", and hook up the old one as the "Slave" drive, and load Windows on the new Master drive...if it were a corrupt "system file".

    We're not sure what you mean by "can't load the drivers", though....is that an error message you're getting when you turn the machine on? If so, what is the exact error message?
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