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Hey guys how do i find out how may 12v rails this psu you has?
Is there a better 750w psu for this price?
3 12v rails is what i need right?

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  1. The Corsair CMPSU-750HX has 62amps which is plenty of enough power. /

    I would say the only better PSU is the SeaSonic X-750, which is 80PLUS Certified Gold... IMO. If you are getting an Antec 1200 case, your best option is the CP-850.
  2. you can have a a multirail psu or a single rail psu like the corsair ,a good psu remains a good psu the corsair will work just fine for you

    as tecmo said the seasonic x750 is the best 750 curently on the market

    but take a look round here jonnyguru power supply reviews
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