Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C8

Purchased the ddr3 sticks 4GB total 2 sticks of 2gb each. Running in a msi 865 mobo mini atx i believe paired with an overclocked 955 be processor @ 3.8 ghz. I recently purchased cl9 memory 1333 mhz for my step fathers computer for 60 dollars, and the processes per second in his i3 540 build are much faster than mine. I cannot understand why? I understand that these sticks are xmp i believe which is based for intel, but from what i read before purchasing them, I could run them in an amd build with no problems as long as i set the timings myself. I have done so and in the windows experience index, i get 5.9 out of my corsairs @ 1600 mhz cl8 and 7.4 out of the ocz's 1333 mhz cl9. Also in sandra benchmarking it is quite substantially higher, cant remember the numbers. Is it because its a amd build rather than intel? Or any suggestions?
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  2. The memory controller on the Intel benchmarks MUCH higher than the AMD controller. And, the Windows Exp Index is worse than worthless. My advice is to ignore it.
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