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hi. im helping my friend put together a cheap pc. he already has a crappy dell pc with:

pentium d 820 @ 2.8
2 Gb DDR2 RAM (dont kno the freq)
305W PSU (im not sure about it, thou)

he has a very tight budget ($100 CAD) nd i recommended the 4670 - 1 Gb. With these specs, what level of performance shoud he b expecting in soft games like CoD 4 and Batman:AA? thnx in advance
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  1. Well if your budget is $100 CAD you should be able to upgrade to the 4770 1gb or even some places a 4850 1gb. The 4850 would be better for your games in higher resolution; heres a link to a good one @ around $100 CAD
  2. I didn't notice the wattage on the PSU. With such low wattage I am thinking this may be the best card for your friend after all: uses less power than the 4XXX series. and will be a good performer for the price point as long as he doesn't expect to run at max resolution with maximum settings.
  3. thnx 4 quick response but i meant $100 including tax + S&H. the 4670 is $75 by itself. will the cpu and ram be a bottleneck?
  4. I am not quite sure on power specs, but I am pretty sure that max voltage running on the 4670 is 400W, the 4770 & 4800 series were 450w. The 5670 however uses WAY less power than either of these cards. And depending on the quality of the PSU in the computer, the 5670 would give a bit of leeway with a non I think its 350w PSU required for the 5670 yes? 400 Recommended. So be careful. The card you purchase could short out your PSU or worse fry the whole system.
  5. I'm pretty you mean wattage.
    I'm pretty the max wattage of the 4670 doesn't go over 75W as that's all the PCI-E slot gives.
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    1. the 4670 does not need 400w, it runs fine on any 300w PSU
    2. don't get the 1GB version of the 4670, its a gimmick. the card can barely use 512mb
    3. i ran a 9600GT off that Dell 305w PSU. For a store brand PC PSU, its not bad. See if you can find a cheap 9600GT or the energy efficient 9800GT.
  7. The 5670 actually beats both the 9600GT & the ECO 9800GT which has the perf of an OC'd 9600GT.
  8. The HD5670 is certainly the better card but you are all ignoring his budget. The best he is going to do for $100(including tax + shipping) is in fact the HD4670. This one looks to be the best deal;
  9. Not true, here is a HD5670 for 90$

    That would be good for the OP. Comes out to less than $100 shipped.
  10. First off that card is $95, second it is on the US site, thirdly I think you are unfamiliar with both the sales tax and shipping rates in Canada. In general to keep the final price $100 I believe you want to look for cards listed as under $80 on the Canadian site, hence my statement about the HD4670.
  11. 4670. the 512mb version (skip the 1gb like what the other dude said)
  12. Ahhhh I keep forgetting its a CAD user. With CAD added I believe it comes from $104 - $109. If someone has $100 CAD though it shouldn't be hard for them to come up with $10 extra somehow. I still stand by my recommendation that 5670 could last the OP way longer then the 4670, hopefully they can move their budget just a bit as 5670 is really a nice card. If they can't stretch the budget, here is a more friendly 5670 @ < $100 CAD Price $94.49 Canadian. His 5670 512 MB. Almost the same product, just less ram.
  13. again, thanks 4 responses.
    to the guys saying a 5670 is the better choice, i completely agree. believe me: if i could, i would have purchased that card. however, the absolute cheapest version is $95. with shipping + tax, that would go up to $120. for me, $100 is already way higher than what i had planned ($75). i thought i could scrape $25 from somewhere so i wouldn't be stuck with a 4350 or something like that. anyways, i was under the impression that a 5670 would produce bottleneck with my Pentium D 820.
    i was going to get the 512 Mb version of 4670, but the XFX 4670 1 Gb is currently on sale and is cheaper than the 512 Mb.
    Will there be any bottlenecking with the 4670? what performance will i get with games like Batman: AA and CoD 4? thanx.
  14. i have another question. my friend's monitor does not have a DVI port, instead it has a VGA. i have adapters, but will using a VGA port sabotauge the graphics card's performance? or is the VGA port's only disadvantage its inability to display high resolutions?
    btw i will be playing at 1280x768 res.
  15. The VGA port can display high resolutions, it's just analog, not digital.
    Batman and COD4 aren't particularly CPU intensive so those games should be fine with the HD4670 at low resolutions. The weal processor will limit you more in CPU intensive games like Crysis and GTA4.
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