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Computer won't beep

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May 31, 2010 6:40:02 AM

Hi, I just build up my new computer. i7 processor, etreme motherboard, cosair 750wat power supply, cooler master computer case, 1GB Nividia video card, But when everything was put up together, I mean assembled to the motherboard, processor, powersupply together, the computer did not respond, it's starting on like you'll see everything turning, fans, processor fan, lights on the motherboard, but no beep when pressed power button, not showing on the monitor and I was wondering if i7 extreme pcs don't have a beep when starting up. If you confirm it does not have a beep, then I will think it's my monitor that does not work, and if it beeps when powered on, then I will think it's my motherboard that's not working properly. And what do you suggest I do please? Let me know if it must beep. Thank you very much in advance Sir...

Peter Njodzeka
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May 31, 2010 10:26:36 AM

Hi there Peter,

What motherboard do you have exactly?

The reason why Im asking this is because I recently upgraded my CPU and my PC responded in the same way as yours i.e. fans, processor fans etc...
What my problem was, was that the motherboards voltage regulator wasnt enough to run the quad core.

The beeps you are referring to is called the P.O.S.T (power on self test), which should happen on all PC's. This is a programme that checks your hardware to make sure they are running correctly before the BIOS starts the boot process so if it isnt getting as far as that, it seems that your motherboard is recognising the CPU.

Are you running the latest BIOS from your motherboard supplier?

Hope this helps
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May 31, 2010 12:30:11 PM

First, you need the little speaker plugged into the motherboard. The beep willnot come from any external audio speakers. Many cases now do not include a system speaker and few motherboards do.

You can salvage one from an old case (that's where I get mine) or buy one. One source is:

As you can see, they are not expensive, but if you have a system that is not booting, they are invaluable.

Then our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread: