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Hi, as you might know, there are a lot of deals due to the memorial day weekend sale. This is my Logitech Optical Mouse. First of all do you think I need to upgrade the mouse?

If I had to choose, I would choose the Logitech G500 which is on sale on Amazon for $54.99 (grand total) plus a $20 mail in rebate . I use my computer for a lot of school work/productivity (documents, powerpoint, the high school stuff), multimedia/entertainment (online forums, websites, youtube videos, my movies, pictures, downloaded vids, etc.), and gaming, now that summer is around the corner (Halo series and Crysis series).

The only thing is I am unsure whether to buy the Logitech G500 or not as I have $80 right now (I'm not very willing to spend my accumulated amount of money on 1 mouse) and I still need a graphics card (I will probably get a XFX Radeon HD 5850 by default depending on my final semester grades) and I plan to buy some video games
([rebuy]Halo (and possibly buy Halo 2 Vista), and I'm weighing Crysis/C.W./Crysis 2 this winter).

I am open to suggestions too, but the mouse should preferably be corded, comfortable, durable, not cumbersome, and be versatile in a lot of areas.
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  1. I wouldn't spent the money on a mouse if it's not necessary and if you only have $80 available. I'm using a $20 or something Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and I play games fine and everything.
  2. In my opinion spending $ 50 on a gaming mouse is a worthwhile investment.
    Night and day difference if you ask me compared to a regular optical just make sure you add a decent pad.
    Saves wear and tear on the feet.
    A regular steelseries works fine for $10 or less.
    I use a Logitech mx-518 on one rig and a Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi on another.
    Both are excellent mice and can be found for under $50.
    From all accounts the G-500 would perform similiarly it's definitely in the same price and performance category.
    My mx-518 is 5+ years old and performs the same as the day i bought it other then the feet had to be replaced(wore out from use on desk/no pad).
    I prefer to run my mice without the manufactuerers software just the microsoft drivers.
    Less problems and same functionality.
    A mouse is a very personal choice however you can't go wrong with a Logitech.
  3. I'd second the recommendation on the logitech MX518.. I too had one from past 5 years.. Recently had problems with the left click (i game a lot and play mostly fps).. Have bought the same again.. Its good looking, precise and comfortable and the pricing makes it even more desirable..
  4. The Logitech MX 518 is slightly higher priced than the Logitech G500 if you take into account the Mail in rebate though. I don't know what to do now. This seems like a really good deal albeit the fact that it's a luxury.
  5. If both are at the same pricing then you rather get the G500.. Its from the same stable, is newer tech and looks good too..
  6. Bleh, I told my parents and they disapproved of my decision and told me I should save up for something else in the future since money won't be easily earned anymore (I earned that $80 by tutoring). Well, thanks you guys, if they had approved of my decision, I would have most definitely chosen the G500.
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