ATI Radeon hd 4670 vs Nvidia geforce 9200

Hey guys im building a new gaming PC and the card im probably getting is

I currently have an integrated GeForce 9200 and my friend suggested that I go ATI. How do they compare? Can this Raedon run Battlefield 2 and CoD?
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  1. simply put
    the ATI 4670 is a solid entry level video card for gamers

    the Geforce 9200 is crap for gaming

    get a 512mb version of the 4670, its too slow to use 1GB
  2. Thanks alot! Also, thats an absolutely adorable Ferret you have!
    What about this one, alittle bit more expensive but the product model is higher(im more familiar with NVIDIA models, sorry)
  3. the 5570 is more for home theater PCs

    here's Tom's hierarchy list including the best video cards for the money in Feb - 10,2544-7.html
  4. Thanks dude.
  5. The 5570 is slightly faster than the 4670 (1-5%), however the difference is not very noticeable.
  6. ct1615 said:
    the Geforce 9200 is crap for gaming

    -- Well its not crap for gaming :P it can run cod4, cod6 and f.e.a.r 1 ect
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