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I've researched and haven't found much saying this has been done before, so here goes...

My desktop computer produces too much heat. Its a Core i5 2500K with 4 HDDs, 2 GTX 465's in SLI, etc, running on a 850W power supply.

In winter its nice, practically heats the entire house....the problem is summer. With the room closed it'll heat the room to 80-85*F even with a/c on a decent amount. That's too hot and it seems I'm stuck with either a higher a/c bill, no privacy, or sweating in the heat.

That's where this idea comes in. As it is, I have my case setup so everything exhausts out the back. It seems like I could just create a type of....plenum, that attaches to the rear of the case (to collect the hot air), then attach dryer ducting or something similar to the plenum, and route that outside through a window? Times when something like this has been mentioned before, people have dismissed it because of case fans not being enough to flow air through the tube, heat/water/condensation could flow back through, etc. With this: or 2-3 80mm case fans placed inline in the tube, I think it would flow plenty of air to pull air off the back of the case and flow plenty out the window to keep water/etc out.

I pretty much already know how to construct the tube/ducting, and the window mount, but I was wondering about building the "plenum"? I don't have any good ideas for doing that.
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  1. Yes your idea will work fine. Be prepared for some noise problems. One way to combat the noise issue is to install the blower mid-stream, away from the computer or the room.

    Make-up air will be necessary. Plan for this. It may be as simple as a window cracked open.

    In the past I have suggested similar blowers (not fans) from Grainger, as you have linked.
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